In October 2014, a handful of people gathered in a living room to learn about the Bible, play games, and eat BBQ meatballs. Alex and his wife Eridania led these gatherings every Wednesday night to disciple new believers. However, they never intended to plant a new church. Two months later, a small group of four or five grew to 31 young people gathering on Wednesday nights to find a healthy Christian community. It was apparent something powerful was being birthed. This was when the dream to plant a life-giving church was born, and VE was officially launched in a school in September 2015.


We find in the Bible that when the early Church was forming after Jesus resurrected, Christ promised to send His Spirit to be with that early Church. When The Spirit of God came, we find that He empowered the early Church to do things it would never dare to do if it wasn't for something supernatural.

This is why our vision is to see unlikely people encountering God, finding freedom, discovering purpose, and making a difference.  We hope to help you encounter that Spirit of God so you too can be empowered to do things you could never do on your own.


Along with making a kingdom impact in our local communities, we want to also prayerfully consider more communities where we can plant more life-giving churches and ministries. We hope that YOU will be part of this journey to continue reaching the one far from God to help them move from belonging to becoming. 

Be a part of our GOD'S story...